Walking into Darkness to Find Light

Some … describe integration as walking into a dark room, closing the door, and talking to each lingering trait. We visualize such traits as people-pleasing, addictive thinking, confusing love with pity, and judging ourselves harshly. In the darkness, we speak to these traits. We thank them and others for their protection in our lives. We ask them to retire or step back. ~ ACA WSO INC. ¬†Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunctional Families, ACA WSO INC. Kindle Edition.

Consider using this tool
in Steps Six, Seven and Ten.
Visualize yourself in a dark room
alone in the dark with only
your character defects as company.
What do you encounter?
Arrogance? Anger? Selfishness?
Being judgmental? Resentment?
Dishonesty? Jealousy?
Laziness? Defensiveness?
Being overly critical? Pride?
Something else?
Speak to the trait…
I hope you’re physically alone,
so there’s no overhearing done
by someone you excluded
from the imaginary dark room!
What do you want the character defect to do?
Do you want it to evolve to a paired trait?
If you’re overly cautious do you want
to become curious?
Do you need to change nervousness
to confidence?
Talk to your traits. Tell them what
you want them to become.
From the darkness you walked into,
find your way to the light.

Image Copyright : Dmytro Buianskiy