Greeting Cards

Eagle Wings Press is proud to present our recovery cards. At this point we offer only physical cards, which may be purchased in four forms.
Receive cards by snail mail, with envelopes, ready to address and mail.

  1. Request a card sent to a particular name and address. Your required name and email address will be sent to the recipient.
  2. Print cards on cardstock or greeting card stock.
  3. Print on normal printer paper and fold to make the card.
  4. The inside message is printed below each card. Click the front of the card for a larger picture of the card and links to order.

Prices: Any 10 physical cards mailed to one address, $13 including postage. A single card mailed, $3 including postage. The right to print the same card four times, $1. The larger card is included in the pricing of 10 for $13 but only one is that card. It is $1 to print four times, like the others, and for a single large card the price is $3.50.

Clicking a card gives you a paypal form. For any errors or problems, please email