Survived to Love

Survived to Love

Survived to Love

by Ed H

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A story from Survived to Love
A story from Survived to Love


This is a collection of first person accounts in short stories and poems. Each work is a separate effort, but at the same time they are related to one another. There’s a chronological flow of sorts, some flashbacks, some references to past and future events and possibly some overlap.

For reasons beyond my understanding:

  • I have survived alcoholism, being clean and sober over thirty-three years at the time of writing this foreword,
  • I’m a survivor of cancer of the larynx for over six years, and
  • a survivor of Katrina for over four years.

Any or all should and could have caused my death, as did happen to so many in these pages. The haunting question of why I survived could not be answered, but what I was supposed to do while surviving became very clear. To love, not only the many groups I’ve had a chance to speak to about recovery, but the guys and gals I’ve tried to help by being a sponsor or just a friend. And the personal opportunities to love another person that have come my way before and after each event I’ve survived. I’ve done none of this to perfection – not even close – but I have tried to be honest and recall each story as accurately as possible.

May you enjoy this collection.

I remain eternally grateful for the opportunity to share these experiences with you.

Ed H


Although Ed Hennessy has gone on to what some members of AA refer to as “the big meeting in the sky,” he was an awesome man, survivor and member of AA for more than 30 years, survivor of living in a devastated apartment in Gulfport when Katrina hit, and cancer survivor using an electrolarynx to speak. (Ed and I differed on the spelling of electrolarnyx and had lots of editorial discussions on that. I wish he were around to “correct” me now.

Survived to Love has successfully been utilized in a drug treatment setting as well as being a book with which every alcoholic or other addict can identify.

Barbara B. Rollins, editor