Writing Toward the Light

Writing Toward the LightWriting Towrd the Light

A Grief Journey

by Laura Flett

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Writing Toward the Light Book Trailer
Writing Toward the Light Book Trailer

“Tell me what to do, give me a sign, show me a way out of this,” I screamed over and over again to an empty house. Daily my pen would scribble of resources and gifts within me and the love and support all around me. I had a hard time believing it, but my pen persisted.

This is the story of my journey from the dark void of fear back into the light of love, and of a pen that encouraged a new acceptance of myself and those around me – the answers to the desperate pleas I had cried out. 

What People Are Saying

“This story is a witness to the power of writing.”

Natalie Goldberg,
author of Writing Down the Bones and Wild Mind

“A bold and courageous memoir by a writer who has gone into the dark and come out the other side. A testimony to the power of art to heal.”

Sean Murphy,
author of the Hemingway Award Winning The Hope Valley Hubcap King
and The Time of New Weather

“Ms. Flett knows that we don’t make sense of the catastrophic, we make art.”

John Dufresne,
author of Louisiana Power and Life and
Love Warps the Mind a Little
(on New York Times 100 Notable Books List)