About Eagle Wings Press

AA speaker Clint H describes a person’s mission as “located at the point where the talent we most love using meets the needs of the world around us.” We, the partners of Silver Boomer Books, love to gather, polish, and disseminate the written word. We hope to offer that service through our publishing.  We’re aware the fun and meaningful books like Silver Boomers and Freckles to Wrinkles may deal with issues less life-changing than others. For that reason – and because we do wish to provide meaningful service in essential areas – we’ve established the Eagle Wings Press imprint for recovery and spiritual books and cards. All of us have direct or indirect experience with Twelve-Step programs and recognize the powerful message of that simple program. We also come with strong individual spiritual awareness and wish to provide a forum for the dissemination of good, meaningful spiritual and recovery writing.  We stand ready to understand the will of the Spirit of the Universe whom we call God and humbly seek the power to carry that out.

Becky Haigler
Barbara B. Rollins

Eagle Wings Press
Imprint of Silver Boomer Books