A trigger in psychology is a stimulus
such as a smell, sound, or sight
that triggers feelings of trauma.
More specifically, triggers are social,
environmental or emotional situations
that remind people in Recovery
of their past drug or alcohol use.
These cues bring about urges
that may lead to a relapse.
Long-term drug use
creates an association in the brain
between daily routines
and drug experiences.
For compulsive overeaters
whose triggers are a part of life itself!
The smell of bread baking from a bakery,
candy and sweets as you check out groceries
or pay in a restaurant.
I know two fast food chains
have totally acceptable salads
but avoid them because for years
they were the source of frozen treats
that were once my favorite indulgence.
We cannot avoid the triggers
heard, seen, or smelled,
but we can choose to heal
and to live a life with far more marvelous treats
awaiting our choice
to walk triumphantly to a different ending!!