It’s not about what I can’t eat.
It’s about what I don’t eat.
It’s not about what I can’t do.
It’s about what I get to do.
It’s not about what I’ve lost,
it’s about what I’ve gained.
This is not about a life of deprivation.
It’s about living my best life. And loving it. ~ Found on Facebook

Winston Churchill lived what he spoke:
“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”
Have you thought of the rooms of Recovery
as a place of deprivation? Do you regret
the “lack” of availability of your go-to opiate?
Do you feel put-upon, “having to”
omit the substances of your addiction?
Are you sabotaging your Recovery?
Is living a sane an sober life a privation.
It’s not. Except in your mind!!
Change your mind and change your life!