Yeah, It Tough…For Us!

There is a general tendency of our mental apparatus…it seems to find expression in the tenacity with which we hold on to the sources of pleasure at our disposal, and in the difficulty with which we renounce them. ~ Sigmund Freud

Food was our pacifier, our comfort,
our go-to solution. It’s been true
since a bottle was the solution
for protests from the crib,
since Grandmom’s cookie jar
stood full of happiness on the counter.
For years we denied the truth,
feeling righteous because our remedy of choice
was legal, socially expected…
and easily enough disguised
when wandering past the treats.
But the time came to renounce the treats
and goodness, how we tried!
But we could not…not to become
who we would choose to be
until we heard the first three steps
and found the answer in the simple choice,
“I can’t, God can, I think I’ll let him!”