Fear of Fear

Fear can become a power greater than myself. I may not be able to fix it or make it go away. ~ Al-Anon Family Groups. Courage to Change—One Day at a Time in Al‑Anon II (Kindle Locations 3916-3917).

Step Three doesn’t look  toward finding
only a Power greater than I, but one
capable of restoring me to sanity.
What other powers can be greater than I?
Certainly food, my curmudgeon of an addiction.
For me, a more omnipresent great power
is the overwhelming need to keep another
from spewing my way confidence-eroding verbiage
I allow to do just that. What other powers dwarf me?
Procrastination: chronic low-intensity fear.
Guilt. My prized possession in the past,
a niggling presence of my present.
Whatever the other powers greater than me may be,
there is another I call God or Spirit or Demiurge,
and that Power is not only greater than me,
but greater than any would-be competing higher power,
and that Power claims me when I turn to Him
and reigns supreme over all the rest
so I have no need ti fear fear or any other power.
I choose to honor and surrender to the Power
that is well able to confront any other power
and fix it or make it go away!