Aim First

A phone call, my stranger,his friend, a questionin my field. But my friend,his stranger would berebuffed. His wrong,not his friend’s.My reciprocation makesmy wrong. Phone callanswer given. Contrastconveyed to him.A wrong is a wrongeven for a wrong.Conveying truth,kindly and directly,is a […]

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Yesterday’s Junk

You can’t reach for anything new if your hands are still full of yesterday’s junk. ~ Louise Smith There’s comfort even in misery.When you’ve done it long enough,it’s what you know, natural,even when odious. Hope springsand chiseling drops dig deeper, deeper,trenching. […]

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The Best Way Out Is Through

A conversation, long overdue,beyond my control of topic,breadth. Ubiquitous fear revved,crushing me, yet I faced it, scorningdeep desires to stuff it down,to quell emotion. I held my ground,listening rather than planningresponse. I empathized,understood, accepted as his,his premise without assumingimposition of […]

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