Stay in the Lifeboat

What is a lifeboat? A ship’s boat, designed to be readily able to rescue and maintain persons from a sinking vessel. For a compulsive overeater, what is the equivalent? What is necessary to stay afloat on rough seas of Recovery? The nine tools are a Plan of Eating, Sponsorship, Meetings, Telephone, Writing, Literature, an […]

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We never recover from being human. ~ Janice S  After a thousand or so miracles happen and we have come to expect more. sometimes it’s necessary to recall that while we’re changed tremendously, we still are human and some things […]

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My Sponsor

I came to her an education slob, convinced degrees identified worthy friends. I heard her speak, knew she married young, her husband signing her report cards. I knew she’d been in Recovery decades while I wore unmatched shoes since I […]

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