We never recover from being human. ~ Janice S

 After a thousand or so miracles happen
and we have come to expect more.
sometimes it’s necessary to recall
that while we’re changed tremendously,
we still are human and some things
are beyond our reach. I’ll never fly,
levitating then floating through air
as I could in my preschool years.
I’ll never have it revealed I’m a princess,
daughter of Queen Elizabeth…
We never recover from being human.
But greater things can and will occur
if I live the Steps each day that comes.
I really can reach a healthy body weight
and once there, stay there the rest of my life.
I really can respect myself…even love me…
through thick and thin, joy and sadness
and still have everything I need,
peace, serenity, and love, though it still is true,
We never recover from being human!

14492784 - hand reaching for the sky