My Only Project

I am my only project! Fully embracing this idea gives me so much freedom to do the many things I have been born to do. Others are in our lives for a reason, but they are not present as our works in progress. ~ Casey , Karen. Let Go Now (p. 12). Mango Media. Kindle Edition.

We come to the Rooms of Recovery
feeling a need to prove ourselves,
to assist in managing the world.
We feel it’s our responsibility
to see that the world function,
that we manage the lives of of others,
that we sustain the functionality
of the world…or at least
the part of the world we occupy.
We get to the Rooms knowing, though,
we’ve not fulfilled our roles well,
and we fully understand in our heart of hearts
we are powerless over the addictive behavior
that brought us here, and that our world,?
our own lives are beyond the reach
of our management tools.
We cannot manage our lives.
We come to understand, to live
the Serenity Prayer, and we pray
for serenity to accept the things we cannot change,
to have courage to change what we can,
and for wisdom to know the difference.
Soon we understand we can change us
and nobody else, and that the difference
is just that, we can change nothing else
but thatGod’s in charge and willing and able
to handle everything else.