Continuing to Practice the Spiritual Principles

Even when challenges happen, as they do in life, we know we have a way of sanely facing each situation. We have seen that our Higher Power will reveal something of value to us with every experience, as long as we continue practicing these spiritual Principles. ~ Overeaters Anonymous. The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous, Second Edition (p. 82). Overeaters Anonymous, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

The spiritual Principles
for each of the Steps are
for Step One: Honesty
for Step Two: Hope
for Step Three: Faith
for Step Four: Courage
for Step Five: Integrity
for Step Six: Willingness
for Step Seven: Humility
for Step Eight: Self-discipline
for Step Nine: Love
for Step Ten: Perseverance
for Step Eleven: Spiritual Awareness
ad for Step Twelve: Service.
So, when I master the principles of
honesty, hope, faith,
courage, integrity, willingness,
humility, self-discipline, love,
perseverance, spiritual awareness,
and service, then I will have a way
of sanely facing each situation…
but I’ve got some work to do first!