What Can You Turn Over?

If we struggle with turning over our will and life to a Higher Power, we can begin by turning over our self-hate, self-doubt, or fear. We can ask God to take our compulsions, resentments, and learned rage. ~ INC., ACA WSO. ADULT CHILDREN OF ALCOHOLICS/ DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILIES . ACA WSO INC.. Kindle Edition.

Step Three says “Made a decision
to turn our will and our lives over
to the care of God as we understood Him.”
It can be an intimidating step!
Think about it, though…What’s your life like?
What parts could you start with in the turnover?
How about starting with your self-hate,
your self-doubt and your fear?
Then you can move on to your compulsions,
your resentments, and your rage?
As your life improves, then turning the good
life and will will just come naturally!

Image Copyright : Putut Handoko