Three Threes

Donna A from Reading, Pennsylvania,
tells of a simple way to do a Tenth Step
which reads, “10. Continued
to take personal inventory
and when we were wrong,
promptly admitted it.”
She calls it three threes
and at the end of the day names
three gratitudes, three things done well
and three things she could have done better.
I hope to adopt her plan.
Today I’ll make it public.
(1) I’m grateful for our Wednesday morning
Overeaters Anonymous group,
(2) that Covid’s changing reality
means I get to meet local friends
and with people far away in terms of miles
but as close as my screen.
(3) I’m grateful for the suggestion I study
Goliath Must Fall by Louie Giglio
and the ability to obtain it in my easy chair.
I did well today (1) in eating three meals
without snacks and following guidelines.
(2) I read the selections from
my thirteen daily readings, catching up for some
of yesterday’s. (3) I cleaned my kitchen
and made coffee to lighten the load tomorrow.
(1) I just took pills I should have taken earlier
with supper. (2) I’ll do my morning meditation
before going to sleep tonight rather than
before getting up this morning. (3) When Hubby
asked me to make pancakes for his supper
I mismeasured and the mess made mandatory
the kitchen cleaning!

And that completes three gratitudes,
three things done well
and three things I could have done better.