Passive or Bold?

Boldness is the opposite of passivity. To be bold means to choose our destination, to set our own course, and to be brave enough to correct that course if we decide it’s not taking us where we want to go. To be bold is to act—not with ruthless aggression—but with determined energy. It is to reach out and move toward what we are seeking rather than waiting for it to magically materialize. ~ Larsen, Earnie. Days of Healing, Days of Joy: Daily Meditations for Adult Children (Hazelden Meditations) . Hazelden Publishing. Kindle Edition.

To be bold is to act with determined energy.
It is to reach out and move toward what we seek.
Boldness is not being passive while waiting,
hoping for what we desire for magically to materialize.
What is your nature? Mine is temerity,
standing by. If you’re the same,
how do we move forward?
We begin by recognizing our feelings
and by beginning to verbalize them.
Pick an easy group or person with whom to begin
expressing your wishes and be consistent.
Use more assertive body language.
Remind yourself you’re in control of your reactions.
Believe you deserve to be right.
Practice looking in a mirror saying no.
Speak clearly and firmly.
Repeat their position then directly
state your own needs and desires.
Say yes only when you mean it.
Are you ready to try it in a situation.
I will if you will.

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