Living Life

I couldn’t imagine that recovery could hurt more than the torment of compulsive overeating, so I tried it. In the past decade, I’ve experienced major ups and downs—job changes, deaths, relocations, heartache, and joy—in short, life. But regardless of my degree of discomfort or elation, I’ve stayed clear of that first bite. ~ Anonymous, Overeaters. Abstinence, Second Edition: Members of Overeaters Anonymous Share Their Experience, Strength and Hope Overeaters Anonymous. Kindle Edition.

I would not have described my life
as “the torment of compulsive overeating.”
Not while I was living that!
I’m not sure I felt that way.
Actually I know for a fact
my perception was that food was comfort.
Food was the solace for the turmoil.
What I needed was weight loss,
a body that would make life comfortable,
a body allowing me to cross my legs at knees,
not ankles. I disdained fat women,
attempted to live in denial
that I was one! I understand now
that I was sick, physically, emotionally,
and spiritually. And having found healing
in all three ways I am grateful to be freed
from the torment of compulsive overeating!

Image Copyright : Jason Stitt