Healers Walk the Earth

Many healers have walked the earth, and many dwell among us now. They wear different costumes, speak different languages, and follow different traditions. Yet the principles that create healing are universal: See perfection where others see limits. See wholeness where others see brokenness. Love while others fear. That’s the formula. All other details and instructions are given as you need them. ~ Cohen, Alan. A Course in Miracles Made Easy (pp. 154-155). Hay House. Kindle Edition.
In June, 1991, I heard my father
talking with his cousins, speaking
of their grandfather. I was amazed
they recalled his healing people
including his daughter reattaching a toe.
They spoke of his receiving a telephone call
where he healed a mule with words.
The idea of faith healing became real
for me that day. I still am fascinated
and firmly believe it’s possible
that my faith could be miraculous.
I believe. God help my unbelief!
Sam Paisley Richards with wife Mamie and youngest daughter Ruth