Easy In Your Harness

You have freedom when you’re easy in your harness. ~ Robert Frost

At a meeting of Overeaters Anonymous
we read in Voices of Recovery,
“I have always felt apart from the human race.

I felt I had to be better than everyone else
or I was no good at all.
I acted out this feeling by being a ‘know-it-all.’
As I reflected on my Fourth-Step inventory,
I began to realize that I was no different
from any of my fellows in OA.
I had heard many of these things in meetings.
Why did I think I was different?”
We were  unanimous of the same mind…
Every one of us had felt odd, different,
the only one like that in the world!
And we all acknowledged the comfort we found
when we became part of the OA tribe!
Like a dog ready for their person
to hold the leash, to put on the comfortable harness,
we had learned you have freedom
when you’re easy in your harness!”

Image Copyright : Bonzami Emmanuelle