A Bluebeard Corner?

We make spiritual progress by putting God into every corner of our lives. Most people on the spiritual path are willing to give God ninety-five per cent of their lives, but there is often one little corner that they keep back. There is something or other they do not want to change. There is one corner where they do not wish the Divine Light to shine. ~ Fox, Emmet. Find and Use Your Inner Power (p. 77). New Albany. Kindle Edition.

The quoted essay speaks of the folktale Bluebeard,
a story I didn’t know as a tale of a  wealthy man
in the habit of murdering his wives and one wife
hoping to avoid the fate of her predecessors.
Fox explains in his use the room need not be horrible.
Selfishness, laziness, spiritual pride, or “respectable”
sins, old grudges or prideful remorse can be the corner.
Is there something you do not want to change?
Is there a corner you prefer the Divine Light not illuminate?

Public Domain File:Blue Beard in Tales of Mother Goose
Public Domain File: Blue Beard in Tales of Mother Goose