The Song of Prayer

The true solution to our problems, however, always rests in the one Answer that is God’s Love, that is the “real sound” of the song of prayer. ~ Wapnick, Kenneth.¬†Absence from Felicity : The Story of Helen Schucman and Her Scribing of A Course in Miracles,¬†Chapter 17

Do you find yourself in conversations
where it feels you’re responsible,
you carry the load of finding topics,
of suggesting activities, of making
contact when the interim of contact stretches?
To be honest, my own answer
tends to be no.I seldom reach out,
leave that role to another.
But there’s comfort when there’s a starter,
for each person. And even more comfort
when the pivot point is God…
when God’s Love holds the keys,
when we hear the sound of the Song of Prayer.
Amen. So be it.