The Powerlessness Bedrock

Many times I have recognized the insanity of my behavior. The admission that I have a problem with eating is the beginning of my willingness to recover. I am powerless over food and over my eating habits. I learn in Overeaters Anonymous that my powerlessness is the bedrock on which I can build a new life. Weakness is the glue that binds me to others in this program, and I can accept that I need help even after I have abstained from compulsive eating for years.  ~ Overeaters Anonymous. Voices of Recovery for September 12

It starts with an admission,
I’m powerless over food
and my life has become unmanageable.
For years that was the bedrock
of my disease…powerlessness.
It’s when you add in
the willingness to recover
that the result of that catalyst
ceases to be a quagmire of despair
and becomes the bedrock
of the life I longed for.
Weakness really is the glue
binding me to the miracle
that is Recovery.

quagmire image Copyright : Eduardo Gonzalez Diaz