On the Plains

I will try to obey God’s will day in and day out, in the wilderness plains as well as on the mountaintops of experience..

Anonymous. Twenty Four Hours A Day: Meditations (p. 12). Hazelden Publishing. Kindle Edition

West Texas. Home.
I’ve long said the good part is
NOTHING gets in the way
of the scenery. Mile after mile
seemingly forever rolling plains
are blocked only by barbed wire fencing
with a few mesquite trees scattered,
“trees” only to the natives, really bushes.
It cam get boring, just moving along,
down the road, same-old same-old,
You can long for different, for ups and downs,
for change.
It’s important, though, to change for the better,
not to fall back to the “good old days”
when we were miserable. We have a crowd of friends
who will travel the road with us. making sure
together we are traveling to Recovery!