Becoming Conscious

From an energy perspective, becoming conscious requires stamina. It is extremely challenging, and often very painful, to evaluate our own personal beliefs and separate ourselves from those that no longer support our growth. ~  Myss, Caroline. Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing (p. 110). Potter/TenSpeed/Harmony. Kindle Edition.

Have you ever been angry, resentful, defiant –
against God, your mate, your doctor,
your mother, your father, your friends,
your children, the salesperson in the store
whose look spoke a thousand words
as you tried on clothes – because they were thin,
because they wanted you to be thin,
and because you were forced to diet to please them
or shut them up or make them eat their words
and their looks? We welcome you to OA; welcome home!*
We lived in defiance for many years,
unconscious and in pain.
We deadened our feelings with food,
lived in a fog.
We came home to OA,
a home we had not known.
We found if we were going to heal
spiritually, emotionally and physically
we had to become conscious,
to separate ourselves from attitudes and beliefs
that no longer supported our growth.
We had to become conscious
of feelings we had anesthetized
but no longer could if we were to
find Recovery. Fortunately we had tools
and guidance from a Higher Power
and now could do what we
could not do alone:
become conscious.







*© Overeaters Anonymous, Lifeline, September, 1977