A Collection of “One Days”

Today, I will do one thing I’ve been putting off. A whole collection of “one days” will lay the groundwork for the person I’m building within. ~ Casey, Karen. Each Day a New Beginning: Daily Meditations for Women. Hazelden Publishing. Kindle Edition.

What can I do today
I’ll feel relieved to have done?
Monday I wrote.”I sit here
playing a video game…
not on my phone
but on my computer
and hear Julie saying,
‘When I play a game
on my phone
I’m making a choice,’
soI’m glad I’m not
playing on my phone!!!
I set it aside and cleaned
an area. I cannot say
I’ve played no games today
but I have worked toward
having things done
I’ll be proud to awaken to
and relieved. I will tomorrow as well
and day by day I
will string together
a collection of “one days.”

graphic Copyright : lightwise