The Good Life

Passively waiting for “the good life” is past behavior. ~ Karen Casey, Each Day a New Beginning

What is the unmanageable life
we speak of when we say,
“We admitted we were powerless
over food — that our lives
had become unmanageable.”
The Powerless over food, we get!
Whether we are compulsive overeaters,
anorexics, bulimics, binge-eaters,
sugar-addicts or over-exercisers,
we recognize the problem.
But unmanageable lives?
What that means, we would have known
had we sensed more than
THIS MESS isn’t normal,
isn’t what it should be!
So do we wait for what it should be?
No, that’s what we HAD done.
Instead, we work the Steps.
watch our lives change,
surrender to a Higher Power,
and ask each morning
for our part in the plan for the day.
and know the pie in the sky
is no more ours
than the pie at the diner
down the street.