Ready for Your Suddenly

Be ready for your suddenly. ~ Good Morning America, May 24, 2018

…the broker [Bill W] had been relieved
of his drink obsession
by a sudden spiritual experience…
…the very same person
who seemed doomed,
who had so many problems
he despaired of ever solving them,
suddenly finds himself easily
able to control his desire for alcohol,
the only effort necessary being
that required to follow a few simple rules…
…suddenly taken from the scrap heap
to a level of life better than the best
he had ever known!
God comes to most men gradually,
but His impact on me was sudden
and profound.
The Big Book is replete with sudden-lies.
It also says not every person has
their suddenly. I didn’t for years
but my suddenly caught up with me
after years in recovery. Has yours found you?
If not, use the tools and wait for yours.
Be ready for your suddenly.