I am powerless over… [anyone else’s problems or their] pain. The most helpful course of action is for me to stay out of the way! ~ Family Groups, Al-Anon. Courage to Change—One Day at a Time in Al‑Anon II (Kindle Locations 4389-4390). Al-Anon Family Groups. 

How can I be helpful for others? 
I can change only myself. 
I could give advice,
but unsolicited means unwelcome.
I’m as powerless over others
as I ever was over myself.
People ask for prayers,
and that’s fine.
I don’t tell God what to do for them
any more than I do for me,
avoiding fixing it with my own ideas
and seeking God’s stamp of approval.
I figure it’s best if it is I
who obeys the orders of Divine Mind
and only in turning it over to God 
do I ever become other than
powerless in anything.

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