While it’s true that recovery takes time, attention, and energy, it takes no more than my addiction did. ~ Anonymous. Today I Will Do One Thing: Daily Readings For Awareness and Hope (Hazelden Medit) (Kindle Location 246).

I’m a compulsive overeater. My addiction is to sweets.
I could get more precise and name specifics,
but that would do neither you or me any good.
I can say, though, that for my years in Recovery
I should have many more days of abstinence
and part of this is a more stringent food plan
than ever before but as of today, March 4,
which is tomorrow as I write this
I’ve had no wheat, no sugar, no milk products
for forty-two days, and each of those days
I’ve had time to read ten to twelve meditations
and move forward on my commitment
to read each word in the Bible in 2018.
Yes, it all takes time and energy
nut doing Recovery for real
makes the food plan not just possible
but easy!