Lost abut Found

That afternoon he put on his clothes and walked from the hospital a free man. He entered a political campaign, making speeches, frequenting men’s gathering places of all sorts, often staying up all night. He lost the race by only a narrow margin. But he had found God—and in finding God had found himself. ~ World Service, Alcoholics Anonymous. The Big Book and A Study Guide of the 12 Steps (Kindle Locations 2486-2489). Anonymous Publishing.
The third member of Alcoholics Anonymous
was a lawyer, once promising, but he
along with everyone else considered him
hopeless. He assaulted nurses
and got drunk leaving the hospital.
But with two who knew him because they were him,
he reentered life and lost an election
but found hope, God, sobriety,
and found himself.
Bill Dotson, A.A. Number 3