Importuned Is the Right Verb

Whether I am reading a magazine, watching television or listening to the radio, I am constantly being importuned to run out immediately and buy something on which to snack—or with which to lead someone else down the primrose path (“Bake someone happy”). ~ Anonymous, Overeaters. For Today (Kindle Locations 2544-2545). Overeaters Anonymous, Inc.

I had to look it up to know,
but importuned firs perfectly.
The first definition fits:
to ask a person pressingly
and persistently for
or for ask them to do something.
The second shows how daring.
how tenaciously and hints
the derivation:
to approach someone
to offer one’s services
as a prostitute.
Isn’t that what advertising
or today’s news coverage does?
It nudges us and soon we need a fix.
a trek back to our addiction
with the same pull
as a prostitute has for a john.
Thank our higher power
we have the tools to avoid the trap!