Change Your Life

We have all spent countless years trying to change other people and the circumstances in our lives. ~ Casey, Karen. Daily Meditations for Practicing The Course (Kindle Locations 3154-3155). Hazelden Publishing.

All that needs changing is my mind,
my perception, what I see, my understanding.
I need not accept negativity,
need not receive insulting words,
need not placate, need not rescue.
I have no reason to kowtow.
(I love the etymology: the word means
bowing worshipfully before someone
and comes from the Chinese words
for knocking one’s head on the ground.)
Change your mind. Claim your universe.
Tune in to peace and serenity
and allow them to expand to encompass
your world, your thinking, your life.

Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only license CC BY 4.0