See My Soul

A definition of “apology” ~ a reasoned argument or writing in justification of something, typically a theory or religious doctrine

I find a three-word introduction
on Facebook, “See my soul,”
research and find lyrics of a song
with that title by Push Play.
Am I not honest as I write these poems?
Do I not tell my deepest secrets,
disguising only others’ whose tales
are not mine to tell?
What do you see when you see my soul?
Do you see only the public persona,
professional, known, intelligent,
educated? Or, can you see that which I hid
and denied those long years? Do you see serenity,
surrender, positive traits?
Or, do the ignoble, sordid, and rebellious show?
I am who I am, a compulsive overeater
with good traits and bad. See my soul.
If you see Recovery and promises come true,
I’m delighted and hope you can find these,
can adopt them from me.
As for the negative, may you see
in my foibles your route to serenity!