Plutonium is not normal,
made by bombarding
something else explosive.
It’s heavier than 80 percent
of elements. In public
exposed to air it forms
a dull surface not wanting
to be seen. It looses weight
slowly, taking almost 88 years
to lose half its mass.
Named for a planet like other elements,
even the planet was found not to be real.
Fatman plutonium bombs, well…explode.
Compulsive overeaters are not normies,
not like normal people.
Bombarded by trauma, by hurt,
by life, they become abnormally heavy.
yet seldom sparkle, internalizing
negativity so they feel ugly.
They try all kinds of diets, surgeries,
mind tricks, devices to be smaller
but any change for the better
will slip away leaving them heavy.
Compulsive overeaters need not remain
anathema, though, but can learn
to transform to balanced, non-explosive ‘
beings who function, when maintaining,
without exploding.
Fatman Plutonium Bomb