Emotionally Sober

I went to an open AA/al anon/family meeting tonight with my husband (he had asked a couple weeks ago and it’s the first Friday I could go). It was really good and I’m very glad I went. I’m pretty emotionally raw tho, for sure. I’m considering this my emotional sobriety day 1. This includes food. Because emotionally sober people don’t use food (or controlling or perfectionism or anger, etc) to cope. I am going to do what I need to do, what the program asks. ~ MG

Are you emotionally raw?
a health professional told me Friday
my emotions were skewed,
over the top. So when this friend
used the phrase “emotionally raw”
I knew what she meant,
how she felt. Do I need a day as
my emotional sobriety day
in addition to a day of beginning abstinence?
Maybe if I did my abstinence day
would find fewer bumps in the road
to derail my food. I need
an emotional abstinence, too.
Today works for me. What about you?