Unity does not mean uniformity. In OA we learn we can disagree with other people on important issues and still be supportive friends. We listen to others with open minds, and we learn to express ourselves without insisting that everyone must do things our way. As we practice these new skills we begin to better understand ourselves and others. It becomes easier to find ways of doing things which meet everybody’s needs. ~ The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous (Kindle Locations 1271-1274).

I was praised today for passing on a simple
but powerfully effective tip. That sometimes
a pleasant relationship can happen
when we agree to disagree. I remember
backseat empires, the fiefdom of one.
not to be crossed into by the other.
A line in the sand or seam in the upholstery
never to be crossed, the border between me and she.
On Wednesday, you can talk all you want,
I’ll sit there sometimes smile and not ask for quiet.
But Thursday is my day, sit there with your book
and keep your comments to yourself.
Respect each other, and learn to endure
if not enjoy doing it someone else’s way.