Arcing Toward God

On the whole, my life is arcing toward God. ~ Miranda

It’s not a straight line…it’s an arc.
But it goes up. Sometimes, always?
Not obviously perhaps, when it’s a line
flat on a page. But rainbows are arcs
and lift our hearts, make our eyes follow,
lead us to beauty. A welder’s arc
is a tiny arc, energy jumping from heat
to heated, a beautiful creative process.
Arc is part of an arch, triumphant,
historic, an entry to a city, a church,
a future. It’s not a straight line
but gives the impression God is in charge
and reassures us all is right in our world,
we’re not in charge, but there’s a Power
with inherent beauty waiting for us,
to arc to us, sending the power to change
from heat to heated, from heat to heart.

Picture borrowed from Dezi Muse Rollins