Seeking Sanity

This is stupid, these people insane.See the list on the wall? The god they understandseems not to be hitting the mark,restoring them to sanity. It’s a nuthouse.The doctor’s an idiot to think they can help me.Psycho babble. No, not quite. […]

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Wake-Up Call

Let me in!I didn’t mean to,I slipped out of the roomsand the door slammed shut.Please, please, I didn’t mean tostop, didn’t intend to take it back,to wrest control away, to myself.It’s cold out here! I’m scared. The fearsare back, the […]

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The Big Book nails it:a daily reprieve contingenton spiritual maintenance.Warning:daily action required.Warning:cunning, baffling,powerful enemywatches for weakness.Warning:lethal results held at baycontingent on spiritualmaintenance.Warning:taking a breakjust for todaycanstretch forever.Warning:reprieve comesdisguised as cure.

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