Real Peace

Great people not only do great things, but they like themselves too. That is real peace. ~ Martin Torsey Accomplishments with self-respect, big acts with honesty within, integrity. Great things no matter what gets in the way, but knowing when […]

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Making Miracles

Miracles, sure, thousands of years ago. Miracles today? Lord, I believe, help my unbelief. Even in my great grandfather’s time. Credible witnesses I know well, so belief comes easier than distrust in the reports. Past miracles, incredible. Yet credible. And […]

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Prompt #96: Write about the most terrible thing you’ve ever done. ~ Karen Terrible as in distressingly bad or serious or extremely unpleasant or disagreeable? Shocking? Illegal, measured by Class C up to capital? Most leaves no room for vacillation, […]

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