Good ideas

Most good ideas are simple. (Alcoholics Anonymous, 5th chapter) Sons of Guns episode —exploding arrows, thousand-yardAK machine gun,“never done” before.Never thought of before? Why not?Why do we plod on day after daydoing the same thing, expecting repetition,not even thinking of […]

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I Did It When I Could

I guess it’s a rule you should walkby 12 months, maybe 18, certainlybefore a second birthday.Bills are due when they’re duebut can be paid after thatwith consequences.Mother couldn’t imagine getting upwithout immediately brushing teethbut teeth didn’t dissolve before breakfast.All kinds […]

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Friends who careNeat pieces not seen for yearsappearing in drawers to empty.The opportunity to figure out just whatmy choice in decor is looking for shower curtainsin Target.A kind moving man who knowshow the patio lock should workand thinks to tell […]

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