Running the Table

Desperation dragged me here — like hope a lottery ticket will pay the rent. Lacking better plans, this at least was free unlike the hoped-on buck. Warm smiles, firm handshakes, shocking proof of elevated status (above pariahs,) even hugs despite my lacking cleanliness– I hung around, nice folk, […]

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Inside My Outside

Aging on the inside giving up on dreams petrified cynic comprehend serenity? we will know peace? you’re believing in fairies dancing strange roads self-pity will disappear? gain interest in others? dreams are drivel, childish when I became grown I put […]

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Willing Wrongs Away

Where there’s a willthere’s a way —no way!Just say no —I say, “NO!!!”Willpower workswhen it worksyet out there lurkgargoyles that jerkearnest effortsleaving us hurtin the dirt. You’re where we were.Willpower won’t work.Learn where to turn —I’ll show you the way.

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