“ ‘You know, Dan,’ he (Dr. Bob) told me, ‘many people coming into A.A. get the wrong conception of “Easy Does It,” and I hope you don’t. It doesn’t mean that you sit on your fanny, stay home from meetings, and let other people work the program for you. It doesn’t mean you have an easy life without drinking. “Easy Does It” means you take it a day at a time.’

“He told me that before I could be honest with him or my sponsor or anyone else, I had to ‘get honest with that joker in the glass.’~ Dr. Bob and the Good Old Timers (p. 258). Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

Wisdom, personality,
integrity, the co-founder
of Alcoholics Anonymous
understood humility
and practiced it!
Easy does it didn’t mean standing aside
after years of hard work…
It meant honesty, integrity,
and usefulness, continued hard work
when others might choose leisure
in the glow of past achievements!