These are the words of the Teacher, King Davidʼs son, who ruled in Jerusalem. ~ Ecclesiastes 1:1  (NLT)

Solomon, the Teacher?
son of David, Jerusalem’s ruler,
or son of son of Solomon son of David
of some generation?
Odd statement of credentials,
starting with teacher,
not king, not lineage.
Or did the writer lead with the strongest title? Hey, The Teacher here!
And I’ll be your Writer for this book.
The slanted light in which we see ourselves jerks the world to “Huh?”
God named him Jedidiah, God’s beloved. Who named him Solomon or peaceful, complete, prosperous?
Did The Teacher feel beloved of God?
His words belie peace, completion.
Can prosperity survive without
love, peace, completion?

God, you’ve told me I’m your beloved.
Teach me to accept the love.
Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.

A Time for Verse
A Time for Verse: Poetic Ponderings on Ecclesiastes by Barbara B. Rollins