My Footing Is in the Present

There may be life in the future, and there was certainly life in the past, but my footing is in the present. Today is where the past has its meaning, and where the future is shaped. ~ Anonymous, Overeaters. For Today (Kindle Locations 60-61). Overeaters Anonymous, Inc. Kindle Edition.

Do you stay in the present
or find yourself residing in the past
or dreaming of the future?
We really have a single option,
that being the here and now!
The past is history,
not subject to change, though
certainly coming to an understanding
helps the present! But we must beware
of a tendency to judge when we see one
set of footprints rather than two,
for those are the times our God
stops walking with us
and carries us over the rough places!


Image Copyright : Nuttawut Uttamaharad