Don’t Fight the Good Fight

Out of this alloy of drink and speculation, I commenced to forge the weapon
that one day would turn in its flight like a boomerang and all but cut me to
ribbons. ~(Alcoholics Anonymous, page 2)

Einstein chose to fight for peace; students
align against others, respond to cries
“Fight, fight fight!”
Nobly answering the call
to fight the unbeatable foe
or as Christian soldiers march on to Zion,
we intuit honor itself as fight.
Surrender? With General McAuliffe we yell, “Nuts!”

But in recovery
we’ve ceased fighting anybody, anything,
a position of neutrality safe and protected.
Surrender? “Nuts!” Not nuts.
Surrender equals sanity.
The other way drove me nuts.
Lay down your weapons, wave the white flag.