Dear God

Okay,I’ve tried for years…
was prescribed diet pills at thirteen,
tried intermittent fasting before
the term was in use,
bought cookbooks
by Weight Watchers (times 3),
by Metabolic Research Center (times 3),
Barbara Kraus’ Calories and Carbohydrates,
UNForbidded Favorites,
Lean and Luscious,
The New Cook Right & eat light cookbook,
Butter Busters The Cookbook,

and who knows how many more?
I drove four hundred miles
for a month’s amphetamines
was hypnotized,
had a pin in my earlobe,
charted multiple times
what I’d weigh when…
committed to write a book
when I’d lost a hundred more pounds…
but nothing fixed me.
Then I learned of twelve steps
beginning with the idea,
“I can’t, God can, 
I think I’ll let God.”
And letting God does work.
It’s high time I wrote you
this Thank You note! 
So, THANKS!!!!