A Case of Opposites

No man safely goeth abroad who loveth not to rest at home. No man safely talketh but he who loveth to hold his peace. No man safely ruleth but he who loveth to be subject. No man safely commandeth but he who loveth to obey. ~ Kempis, Thomas à. The Imitation of Christ (Illustrated) (p. 41). LiberWriter.com. Kindle Edition.

Fifteenth century analysis
makes more sense than
such archaic words.
The wisdom works, though.
Love staying home and travel
appeals. Talk well
and forbearing talking
freely is facilitated.
Ability to lead a government
leads to better being led.
A commander needs ability
to accept and follow commands.
Practice peaceful living,
wisdom in following,
exercise good judgment
away from leading,
and become a whole, healthy,
and effective in all you undertake.