The Action Part of Faith

Letting go is the action part of faith. It is a behavior that gives God and the Universe permission to send us what we’re meant to have. ~ Beattie, Melody. The Language of Letting Go: Hazelden Meditation Series (pp. 351-352). Hazelden Publishing. Kindle Edition.

We recognize the childishness
inherent in the declaration,
“I can do it all by myself!!”
But the latest conversation I’ve had
was declaring I didn’t want to do a task,
and to the suggestion I not go do it,
I declared I couldn’t stand to start tomorrow
with it not done. Are the two equally childish?
Do I believe “Letting go is the action part of faith?”
I don’t expect God and the Universe
to clean the messy kitchen, but they could change
the way I looked at it, felt about it,
the energy I had!
I don’t expect to be sent an orderly kitchen,
but I need not seek to make others feel guilty
for not equally sharing the tasks.
God, is what I need a servant’s heart?
I expect it’s what I need,
and it’s growing as I sit here
doing the next right thing
with willingness to be willing.