It was the Law itself that killed me and freed me from its power, so that I could live for God.

I have been nailed to the cross with Christ. (Galatians 2:19, CEV)

Above everything, we alcoholics must be rid of this selfishness. We must, or it kills us! God makes that possible. (Alcoholics Anonymous, page 62)

I’ve tried all these years
over and over again
didn’t work.
Why should I trust it to work now?
Do I relish guilt,
savor shame,
revel in remorse?
Emphatically not!
Why, then, should I persist,
why try harder when I know
I could not before have done more
than I did, at least briefly…
I’m incompetent, powerless,
unable to manage my life,
my responsibilities.
It’s time to toss my pride in the rag pile
and allow the results
even if I can’t claim
responsibility.God, thank you!
I don’t have to be